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Wetland Park Nawala

Urban Wetland Park or Weli Park – as commonly called – was a place utilised for selling sand and bricks before its scenic transformation. Spread across five acres, the intention behind the Park’s construction lies in the city’s need for better control over seasonal floods while adding beauty to this crammed expanse.

Weli Park is complete with water features, jogging tracks, walkways and leisure spaces; it has something to offer for all who tread its paths. Wandering through the steps and walkways that wound around cascading waterways, a pond in the shape of a lotus and lush greenery, you alight at a jogging track that is well paved with white sand presenting a pristine scenery.

As the sun sets, the lights of the Urban Wetland Park light up creating an enchanting landscape while more and more people trickle into the Park. It is a place where people can come to get away for at least an hour from the stifling city environment while indulging in a small haven complete with beauty and joy